The Lost World - Jurassic Park
Title screen.
Publisher Hosenkan Electronics
Developer Cony Soft
Console Famicom
Date November-December 1998

The Lost World: Jurassic Park is a pirated port of the Mega Drive game of the same name, believed to be developed by Cony Soft and published by Hosenkan Electronics under their Hosekn alias in 1998. This is their last game ever released.


This is a direct port of the Mega Drive game. However, it's much shorter, and can be beaten in 1 minute. The objective of the game is to stun all the dinosaurs, and collect the eggs.


The name "Jakeshon" appears once in the intro, but is also present in some unused text found in the ROM, one reading "JAKESHON PARK" and the other "1997 COPYRIGHT JAKESHON"[1].

A more complete version was recently found and can be seen here:



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