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The Masters of KIN is a beat 'em up made game for Arcade machines, developed and released by Du Tech in 1988.


The following story is taken from the start of the game, albeit incomplete and with bad grammar somehow:

In the time of Gods, evil roamed free in the lands. Zorg, the master of KIN took a wife as he was to take his first kiss. The sorcerer Zangar struck...


You control Zorg, the master of KIN who needs to kill monsters and other creatures from Medieval era. You can attack enemies with your sword, either in a normal swing or in a upward swing. Jumping to avoid one-hit kill traps is necessary too.


Despite the game being original in its own, some things inside of game's data are not. Some include:

  • The game was built onto Konami's Track & Field engine. Aside from Hyper Sports, no other game officially uses it;
  • The music, SFX and voices from Track & Field remained intact in the game. Even the Chariots of Fire music used for displaying the scores in the original game is included for the same purpose on The Masters of KIN;
  • Unlike Track & Field, the game uses a traditional controller setup, with a 8-way joystick and 2 buttons. Track & Field used a 2-way button joystick with a single button (2 for running and 1 for jumping / throw) or in some newer revisions, a trackball;
  • Track & Field had support for 4 players. The Masters of KIN had support for 2 players, alternating turns, with no differences between the characters, aside from a screen-flip (unknown if this is a bug in MAME).