The Micro Xevious
The Micro Xevious box art.
Box art.
Publisher Zemina
Developer Zemina
Console MSX
Date 1990

The Micro Xevious (마이크로 제비우스), also known as Xevious Micro, is a vertical-scrolling shooter video game developed and published by Zemina in 1990 for the MSX home computer. It is an unlicensed port of the Namco arcade game Xevious, despite the fact an official port exists on the console. Gameplay remains similar to the original Xevious, with certain elements being stripped to accommodate for hardware limitations. Like other MSX shoot'em up games, the screen scrolls in a choppy manner. Two different bits of background music can be selected, one replicating the original 2-second tune from Xevious and the other being an original melody.[1]

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