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{{Stub}}{{Infobox game|name = The Powerful Girl|hackof = Adventures of Dino Riki|originalby = Hudson Soft|console = Famicom|alt = Powerpuff Girl}}''The Powerful Girl ''is a hack of '''''Adventures Of Dino Riki '''''which replaces the main character with a rather poorly drawn picture of what is supposed to be Blossom.
{{Infobox game
|name = The Powerful Girl
|image = File:PowerfulGirl.PNG
|imagewidth = 250px
|caption = Title screen.
|hackof = Adventures of Dino Riki
|originalby = Hudson Soft
|console = Famicom
|alt = ''Powerpuff Girl''
'''''The Powerful Girl''''' is a hack of the Famicom version of [[Wikipedia:Adventures of Dino Riki|''Adventures Of Dino Riki'']] which replaces the main character with a rather poorly drawn sprite of what is supposed to be Blossom from [[Wikipedia:The Powerpuff Girls|''The Powerpuff Girls'' series]].
== Trivia ==
== Trivia ==
* Joel or Vargskeletor played this game in one of his streams along with [[Spiderman 2]] and [[Digit Monster II]]. He stated that the main sprite looked like "baphomet scrotum".
[[File:Powerful Girl.png|right|A picture of the character's sprite.]]
*In [[DreamGEAR My Arcade Handhelds|DreamGEAR's My Arcade handheld]], the logo title was removed to avoid copyright/trademark infringement.
== Video ==
Weird Pirated Games Powerpuff Girl (Dino Riki hack) (NES)-0|
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