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The Super Shinobi is a port of Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master, (rather than The Revenge of Shinobi which was sold in Japan under this game's title.) made for the Famicom by Super Game and distributed by Realtec.


The port is largely abridged from the Genesis original, omitting the intro sequence and a number of levels due to platform limitations. Some of the key stages from the original are featured however, namely Forest and Watery Cave from Zeed Resurrection, Horseback Riding and Secret Base from Secret Entry, the Body Weapon chapter, Burning Forest from Electric Demon, and the ship stage from The Final Confrontation. Interestingly, the Godzilla-esque mecha from Electric Demon was made the final boss in the port.

The game simply warps to the Super Game logo regardless of whether the player beats the game or otherwise.