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Thunder Strike is a shoot 'em up game made for Arcade machines, released by The Game Room in 1991.


The player control a helicopter that must destroy enemies' forces into a aquatic battlefield. The player must avoid collisions with enemies' planes and their fire shoots, as well for some fire from soldiers and anti-aircraft units. Avoiding collision with the enemy's fortress is essential. Sometimes, destroyed forces can drop power-ups for the player's helicopter.


Despite the game being original in its own, some things inside of game's data are not. Some include:

  • The game is based on Williams Electronics' Defender, released in 1981, although the game's scenario is more based on Choplifter, released in 1982. It could be classified as unfair Defender, as touching on enemies, bullets or enemy fortress destroy the player's helicopter, and then, losing a life (i.e.: No lifebar or shields).
  • Musics and sound effects are the same from Technōs Japan's Double Dragon. In fact, it runs on the same hardware as the original game.
  • The Game Room also licensed this game to East Coast Coin Co. for sales in Australia.


  • Developed by: Kyle Hodgetts