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Tian Cai Xiao Zi (天才小子) was a developer of role playing games for the Gameboy Color. They are known to have developed games for Kongfeng, Sintax, and a third company whose name is unknown. This third company branded their games with CK-XXX IDs.

Their games all use a modified version of the engine from San Guo Zhi - Ao Shi Tian Xia by Vast Fame. They heavily feature borrowed assets. Oddly these games feature a pause button in addition to a menu open button. Pressing start will halt all animations and audio. Pressing B opens the menu on the overworld. Music often distorts during attacks.

List of games[]

Games Published by Kongfeng[]

All four of these titles share a Chinese name with the movie House of the Flying Daggers, however there does not appear to be a connection between these and the film. The cause for this is that both appear to borrow their name from a much older work.[1] Kongfeng would re-release these under many different titles. Only their Kongfeng titles are known to use their splash screen. These games sometimes feature a custom boot logo which replaces the usual Nintendo text with 天才小子.

  • 十面埋伏-天龍篇
  • 十面埋伏-屠龍篇
  • 十面埋伏-風雲篇
  • 十面埋伏-英雄篇

Games Published by Sintax[]

Many of the titles Tian Cai Xiao Zi developed for Sintax are ports of games for other systems. These games sometimes feature a custom boot logo which replaces the usual Nintendo text with Sunboy. Because these games do not use BBD's engine (like most Sintax games) they can be played on monochrome systems as well. Sintax would advertise this on the boxes of these with text that can be translated as "three machine compatible".

  • 新乞丐王子
  • 新射雕英雄传
  • 太空战士 X2

Games Published by CK ID Company[]

CK131-CK138 as well as CK152-CK158 are known to have been developed by Tian Cai Xiao Zi. Not much is known about these titles. They appear to often share names with Wuxia novels.