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Timetop (sometimes separated as "Time Top") was a manufacturer of 8 and 16-bit game systems. They were a division of Guangzhou Daidaixing Electronics Tech Co Ltd., a company founded in 1994.

Timetop's most notable console is the GameKing, a handheld released in 2003. It was based on fully custom, primitive black-and-white hardware, and over 30 cartridges were released for it. Other Timetop systems include the GameKing III (a colorized variant of the GameKing), a VT09-based LTPS Handy Game, and the VT03-based "TV Joystick" plug 'n play series (which had 36-in-1 and 7-in-1 models).

There is a later set of clone consoles based on the GameKing, which were superseded by the "1.8" Handheld Games. It is unknown to what extent TimeTop was involved with either hardware type; though there does appear to be a connection between the two clone chipsets and Timetop.


  • Timetop was based in China, but their game systems were originally sold exclusively in Hong Kong due to fears of the country-wide video game ban at the time. After Nintendo's Game Boy Advance was released in China through a loophole, Timetop decided to sell their products in their home region as well.