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Tiny Toon Adventures 3 is a pirate game for the Sega Mega Drive. Despite the name though, the game has nothing to do with Tiny Toon Adventures besides the main character being a rabbit having a small resemblance to Buster Bunny.

Although the developer is not credited, the art style bears a similarity to Adventurous Boy, and like the Mega Drive games The Lion King II and Squirrel King, is based off a cartoon franchise, leading it likely to be developed by Gamtec.


Tta3fix 022

Two of prince darknesses minions, evidently based off of Donkey Kong and a hornet.

"There's a group of devoting peace animals live happily in a Imaginable Island. One day, Prince of Darkness arrests some of the animals who won't compromise his dictatorial regime to govern the Imaginable Island. Then the cleverest animal among the island, Rabbit Clever, comes out to fight with Prince of Darkness for justice to rescue."


Tta3fix 014

The fourth level which tries to mimic Super Mario World.

The game consists of five stages, each usually composed of four screens each and then a boss. Following with the story, you free different types of animals each stage, trapped in what appear to be either little cages or trash bins, jumping on the cages will release them and will destroy all enemies currently as well as adding to your score. In the game, the graphics in stages three and four are based off those from Super Mario World. Stage three appears to outright lift level graphics straight from the SNES game, while stage four uses what appear to be original graphics based on the Super Mario World style. Unlike stage three though, stage four also has enemy sprites that are based off of Super Mario World enemies, including Koopas and Chargin' Chuck, and pigs that fly with parachutes, much like Para-bombs.

Unused Music[]

Several tracks are still left in the ROM but unused.

Title Description Link
Title Screen The title screen music has a little more to it than is usually heard before the screen fades away to the story intro.
Unused track 1 Likely an early version of level two's music. Starts losing sync once it loops.
Unused track 2 Unknown. Could have been planned for the story intro, or going by the style, a possible early title screen track. This track starts losing sync mid-tune.
Unused Track 3 Most likely another level two rendition. More mechanical sounding and not fitting for that level's atmosphere though, possibly planned for a cut stage? This track also gets horribly out of sync as it continues to play.
Unused track 4

Yet another early level two rendition.

Unused death tune 1 Alternate tune for when you lose a life.
Unused death tune 2 Another rendition of the above.
Unused death tune 3 ...and another.
Unused death tune 4 Another take on the tune that plays in-game.

Unused Graphics[]

Graphic Name Description
24b413r Story intro VRAM The game's intro story cuts off at the words "to rescue" on the third screen but graphics loaded into VRAM during the intro show that there was more text originally planned to be displayed. Since each screen of the story has four lines of text yet the third has only three, a good guess says it was likely meant to be read in full as " Then the cleverst animal among the island, Rabbit Clever, comes out to fight with Prince of Darkness for justice to rescue all his disappeared friends." The fourth screen, which displays no text in-game, was likely to use the the rest of the text, which appears to include the words "However" and "Darkness," while a final sentence likely read "A journey in Imaginable Island begins.."



Tta3fix 012

The third level's boss.

  • Buster and Babs Bunny in the cover art are taken from Tiny Toon Adventures 3: Doki Doki Sports Festival for the Game Boy, while the background is taken from The Great Circus Mystery Starring Mickey and Minnie for SNES. The Japanese text and logo in the back of the box also come from Mickey no Toyko Disneyland Daibouken for Super Famicom.
  • The game is shown in a collage of Taiwan original games in the back of the manual for Feng Shen Ying Jie Zhuan.
  • The game was released in both Taiwan and South America only.
  • The ROM has the following text within the header:
  • The ROM header also contains the text "THIS GAME ALL RIGHTS RESERVED OF XXXXXX LTD." Super Magican, another game by Gamtec, has this same header, except with "GAMTEC" in place of "XXXXXX".
  • The fifth and final level's music uses the basic motif of Three Blind Mice.
  • The bosses of levels one and three are based off of Donkey Kong and the Koopa Kids/Koopalings of Super Mario World, respectively.
  • The back of the box cover shows mock-up shots of the game that don't represent actual gameplay, such as spikes being next to your character in the final battle or fighting the third level boss in the setting of level five.
  • One of the enemies is a Pidgeot from Pokémon.
TTA3 EarlyTitleScreen

The early title screen

  • There exists an unused routine (at 0x14ce0) and graphics in the game's code that seems to be the game's early title screen. This shows that the game was originally called Animal Kingdom. The text below the logo is meant to display "PRESS START BUTTON", but most of the original font that the game tries to use has been overwritten.

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