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== Staff ==
== Staff ==
''Tiny Toon Adventures 6'' is the only [[J.Y. Company]] game that actually have credits mentioning them.
''Tiny Toon Adventures 6'' is the only [[J.Y. Company]] game that actually have credits mentioning the team.
'''Jing Tay Team''':
'''Jing Tay Team''':

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Tiny Toon Adventures 6
Title screen.
Publisher J.Y. Company
Developer Hummer Team (as Jing Tay Team)
Cart ID(s) JY-115 (EL-002, JY007)
Original developer Konami
Console Famicom
Date late 1997 (or 1998?)
Sound engine Konami (Tiny Toon Adventures)
Alternate names/hacks Porky Pig & Daffy Duck

Tiny Toon Adventures 6 is a pirated port of Tiny Toon Adventures: Babs' Big Break for the Famicom, made by Hummer Team in 1997.


Tiny Toon Adventures 6's gameplay. Note the scrolling glitch on the right of the screen.

Unlike many pirates, this game retains the story from the original game. The game plays like a platformer, and like the game it is based on, the player can pause the game to switch between Buster Bunny, Plucky Duck and Hamton. The characters themselves play identically aside from having different weapons: Buster throws carrots, Plucky throws pineapples, and Hamton rolls watermelons like bowling balls. There are four levels in total, all based off the Game Boy game. This game has the same scrolling glitch as Somari and Aladdin, despite the game only scrolling horizontally.

Many of the graphics are taken from the Game Boy game this is based on; however, the music, sound effects, and several sprites are stolen from Tiny Toon Adventures on the Famicom.


Tiny Toon Adventures 6 is the only J.Y. Company game that actually have credits mentioning the team.

Jing Tay Team:

  • Graphics: Kathy CHIANG, Roger CHIANG, Carroll WU, Terrisa MAO, Say LEE
  • Working Tools: Stevin HSEIH
  • Sound: Danny CHIANG
  • Programmer, Producer: Silvers LIN

Copyright: 1997 J.Y. Company, All Rights Reserved


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  • In the credits, the developers are credited as Jing Tay Team.
  • The typos are carried over from the original Game Boy game.
  • A bug in the ROM prevents the text of the first cutscene to be displayed on emulators, it is displayed fine on real hardware.
  • Despite the sound being credited to Danny Chiang, all of it is in fact stolen from Tiny Toon Adventures.
  • As with many J.Y. Company releases, the game contains an alternate title screen which can be enabled with DIP switches, "Porky Pig & Daffy Duck". However, no known cartridge exists of this version.
    • This name is erroneous as the characters on the title screen (and in the game) are actually Hamton and Plucky Duck. As well as this, the title screen has a backwards ampersand.
  • Ka Sheng released the game in 1998. Their version is unstable likely implying they hacked it from the J.Y. release althought all copyrights are untouched.
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