Titenic (Unl)-0
Titenic title screen (can only be accessed with advanced hacking)
Publisher Unknown, re-released by ABAB
Developer Ex-Hummer
Console Famicom
Date Unknown, possibly 1998-1999
Engine Titenic
Sound engine Hummer Sound Engine
Alternate names/hacks Hacker (15-in-1), Heroine (15-in-1), Harry's Legend, The Waterboy [1]
Titenic is a Famicom beat-em-up based off of the 1997 film Titanic by ex-Hummer Team members. This game was hacked to create the more well-known Harry's Legend. The game was most probably first known to be on an ABAB 3-in-1 multicart and was later found on a 15-in-1 separated into two separate games.

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File:Capture d’écran 2011-01-18 à 20.08.38.png

In Titenic, you either play as Jack or Rose going around on the ship itself, beating people up.

A is to jump, B is to attack. Both characters have a 3-hit combo which on the third hit, knocks the enemy down. While crouching, (holding down) B punches, A kicks. In the air, you can punch with B. Both have two special attacks, one done by pressing A and B while another is done by pressing up and then down. Jack has a charging elbow attack and a charging uppercut while Rose does a high kick and an axe attack that automatically knocks the opponent down.

You have a lifebar and you start off with 3 lives. Both specials take some health away. You can also lose health if your head is in the water. You can replenish it with the drink (heals half of your max health) or the lobster (heals all your health). Losing all your health makes you lose a life.

In the 15-in-1, Rose is unable to crouch kick but it is unknown if she does it in the original. Also in the 15-in-1, it seems that you play as Jack before the ship sinks and then you play as Rose when the ship is sinking. There's three rooms where you must climb to the top before the time runs out and the water is going up.


There are two types of enemies in the game - animal enemies and human enemies. The animal enemies take one hit to kill and hurt you upon touching them. The animal enemies are rats, bats, snakes, octopi and chickens (though only one chicken appeared in the game.) There's also a rescue tube that bounces around and a fish with a misplaced hitbox that repeatedly jumps out of the water.

The human enemies have their own attacks and resemble people that would be on the ship. These are engineers, chefs, waitresses (they toss their plates at you), an old lady with a rifle (only appears once), a guy with a big gun (only appears once), and sailors.

File:Capture d’écran 2011-01-18 à 20.15.27.png

The bosses are a captain with a knife (later appears as a normal enemy), a fat rich man with a pistol and a large man who also has a pistol and has a dashing attack (he appears 3 times in the game with different colors and AI each time).

Two levels have some chandeliers (its candles u focken doops) that fall when you walk under them.

Unused data

  • Three unused enemies have been found in the game. One is a green enemy with a gun and another that throws grenades (the grenades are buggy as they have a small hitbox and only hit you after the flames disappear) which were both from The Mask in the final stage. There's another that wasn't from The Mask which is an invincible lizard. At first, he'll spin in place and then start bouncing around the room.
  • The title screen, as well as the cutscene graphics have never been appearing in the game even in Titenic's original release, even despite they are still accessible through replacing the original ending with those graphics. Curiously, while never used in-game, the title screen can be seen as a thumbnail on ABAB's 3-1 multicart's menu.
  • The "PLAYER SELECT" tiles are also buried inside the ROM, and there's no code made for the character selection. Yet, there is some leftover code which was supposedly made for the "LOAD GAME" or options screen, which is accessible through the Select button.
  • A set of character names appear in the NOM. ROSE, JACK, FAT DICKMAN are obvious, ANY refers to the waitress, (was probably meant to be "Annie", bur ar fucken stioopid) BLOWER is the sailor enemy, FAT DicMAN is the fat man boss, Clit BOSS could be the large man (TAS), COCKIER could be the chef, Lobster referring to the lobster item and CHICKEN being the chicken =of the sea. The last line suggests there may have been pickupable (its useable u fuckwits) weapons.

These are also present in Mortal Kombat 4.


  • The ending has credits which mention a few Hummer Team members. (Hummer Cheng who is credited in DKC4 and Carroll who helped with DKC4 and TTA6).
  • By pressing Down + A or B you can come back to life even if your health bar is empty. This might have been a debug feature left in the game.
  • Mortal Kombat 4 and it's previous clones also had Rose's theme from the Titanic movie but other then the unused coding found in MK4 (but not Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 and Ultimate Mortal Kombat 4), it's unknown if Titenic was planned when making Ture MK3.
  • There is a debug mode in the game you can access by hitting A on the 2P controller. When using the debug, you can't scroll the screen. Up and Down (2P) raises/lowers the water levels. Pressing A again will summon Jack/Rose. Pressing Left and Right, will summon enemies and bosses. Start on the second controller brings up the ending screen.
  • It's possible to kick enemies and even bosses into the water which automatically kills them. This is essential on the last boss fight because he is near impossible to defeat otherwise. If you happen to get stuck on the right of the screen he will keep on using the same attack and you'll sometimes end up falling into the water.
  • One of the enemies is reused in War, another game from Hummer Team which is dated 1999.
  • Jack's fighting stance resembles Kyo Kusanagi's from King of Fighters and Rose's resembles Athena Asamiya's. Both Kyo and Athena were going to appear in Hummer Team's King of Fighters 96 pirate but got cut out.
  • Almost all the enemies in the game (not counting the waitress and one of the unused enemies) are based off of the enemies from The Mask for the SNES.

Harry's Legend

Harry's Legend
Harry Potter (Unl) (English Title) -p2- 001
Harry's Legend title screen
Publisher Unknown, re-released by ABAB Soft
Developer Ex-Hummer Team members
Console Famicom
Date Unknown, most likely 2000 or 2001
Engine Cut-back version of Titenic's engine
Sound engine Hummer v3
Alternate names/hacks Harry Potter (name on cartridge), The Waterboy (cutscene hack) [1], Hally Poter: Goblet of Fire [2]
Harry's Legend is a hack of Titenic based off Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (likely the novel, as the movie came out in 2001) made by ex-Hummer Team members. There are two different versions of this game, one with the title screen in Chinese, although the cutscenes for both versions are in English. This game is a lot more known due to being released on more multicarts and being released on a few single carts as well.

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This game has changed quite a bit compared to Titenic. Harry only has a kick attack that will randomly knock an enemy over. He also lacks the ability to punch while in mid-air. One special attack (A+B) is where he fires a broom out of his hand that is available as of Level 2. The other one (Up, Down) is a magic attack that's stronger but a little slower and is available as of Level 3. Other then that, the controls are the same.

There are 5 levels in Harry's Legend and you can choose one from the stage select. Most of the graphics and some level layouts are reused from Titenic.

The majority of the animal enemies come back (there is a new one which is just a green rat that makes a different noise upon dying). The human enemies are different with a fat kid (possibly Dudley,) a fat man (edited off of the fat man boss from Titenic, could resemble Mr. Dursley,) a punk with long hair (edited off of a gunner enemy,) an old woman (edit of the old woman with the rifle from Titenic) and a giant chess piece.
Harry Potter (Unl) -p1--!- 001

Gameplay of Harry's Legend. Note the Dudley-like enemy

Unlike Titenic, the human enemies here cause damage upon touching them and they don't have their own specific attacks. There's also a purple flame later that floats around and can't be killed.

The boss is a man with two faces walking backwards (possibly Voldemort). He gets knocked back on every hit and appears in every level.

The fifth level starts with a weird volleyball game (possibly based off Quidditch) where Harry takes damage if he concedes a goal or the enemy (the old lady) takes damage if the ball gets into her goal. Also there's a ghost flying at the top which can knock the ball around.

After beating the game, there is a simple screen with "Gryffindor" and fireworks that explode into "Win."

Things reused from Titenic

  • The same unused character names appear in Harry's Legend as well.
  • All the music and sounds in Titenic have been reused.
  • Some of the level layouts have been reused with different tileset.
  • In Harry's Legend's tiles, there are some leftover things from Titenic such as the waitress (only 3 of her sprites remain which is just her getting ready to throw the plate) and the chicken. Among those, the leftover graphics for "PLAYER SELECT" and "LOAD GAME" screens can still be found.
  • The debug mode remains intact.
  • Rose's coding still remains in Harry's Legend. Under E1AB, changing it to 01 will make Harry behave like Rose, using the same special attacks. However, Harry uses the wrong sprites.



Taiwanese cover of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

  • The title screen is directly based on the Taiwanese cover of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. This was later edited slightly for the English version.
  • The demos don't use Harry's jumping or hitting sounds, yet everything else is in place. This is due to the fact sounds are played differently from Harry's actions. Also the demos seem completely wrong since Harry is seen kicking and jumping at random while also getting hit by the enemies because they haven't been redone from Titenic.
  • In the tiles, there is a smaller chandelier that falls and a rolling barrel which neither game has and is not in Harry's Legend's coding.
  • In Harry's Legend, you can summon an enemy that looks somewhat similar to the boss. This enemy doesn't appear anywhere else in the game or Titenic.
  • In the upper right says "Harry Potter" in the HUD. Some multicarts change it to "Harry's Legend". The tiles also have a random "BO" which could've been for his name (Harry Botter), either to avoid copyright infringement, or simply a mistake because his name is 哈利波特 (Ha Li Bo Te) in Chinese.
  • On Level 2, it's possible to knock the enemies and Voldemort himself into the water. However, if you jump on the ice platform and let Voldemort fall in, you will also fall into the water as well since Harry's win pose has him jumping up and down (the iceberg platform won't be under his feet after the first jump).
  • The Down A + B trick does not work in Harry's Legend unless you are using Rose's coding.
  • A title hack of this game, called "Hally Poter: Goblet of Fire", appears on some OneStation cartridges. [2]
  • Harry appears on the front of the BootlegGames Wiki.



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