Titenic (Unl)-0
Titenic's title screen (can only be accessed with cheat codes).
Publisher ABAB Soft, Zechess, and 鴻景 (Hong Jing)
NT (unreleased)
Developer Hummer Team
Console Famicom
Date Unknown, possibly 1998-1999
Engine Titenic
Sound engine Hummer Sound Engine
Alternate names/hacks Hacker (15-in-1)
Heroine (15-in-1)
Harry's Legend
TITANIC (As referred to in uncompiled code in the 15 in 1 cart)

Titenic is a Famicom/NES beat 'em up by Hummer Team and is based off of the 1997 film Titanic. The game was first known to be on an ABAB 3-in-1 multicart and was later found on the Super New Year Cart 15-in-1, separated into two games. Hacker (Jack) and Heroine (Rose).



Gameplay as Jack.

The game itself is 2D side-scrolling beat 'em up where the levels all take place inside the ship itself. As Jack, you play on the levels before the ship crashes and as Rose you play on the levels during the ship's sinking. Rose's second level is slightly different; you have to escape each room you enter before a timer runs out.

The A button is to jump, while B is to attack. Both characters have a 2-hit combo which on the second hit, it causes a third attack to come out and it knocks the enemy down. While crouching, holding down the B button punches, and A kicks. In the air, you can attack with B. Both have two special attacks, one done by pressing A and B while another is done by pressing up and then down. Jack has a charging elbow attack and a charging uppercut while Rose does a high kick and an axe attack that automatically knocks the opponent down. Rose's axe attack is notably useful when taking out rats as her crouch kick hits above them.

You have a lifebar and start off with 5 lives. Both special attacks will take some health away if they make contact with an enemy. You can also lose health if your head is in the water. You can replenish it with a wine bottle (Heals half of your max health) or the lobster (Heals all your health). Losing all your health makes you lose a life.


There are two types of enemies in the game: animal enemies and human enemies. The animal enemies take one hit to kill and hurt you upon touching them. The animal enemies are rats, bats, snakes, octopi and chickens (Though only one chicken appeared in the game). There's also a rescue tube that bounces around and a fish with a misplaced hitbox that repeatedly jumps out of the water.

The human enemies have their own attacks and resemble people that would be on the ship. These are chefs, waitresses that toss their plates at you, an old lady with a rifle (Who only appears once), a guy with a big gun (Who also only appears once), and sailors. With the exception of the waitress, the enemies all appear to be from The Mask for the SNES although some of them have been edited.


Playing as Rose, fighting the fat man boss.

The bosses are a captain with a knife (Who later appears as a normal enemy), a fat rich man with a pistol and a large man who also has a pistol and has a dashing attack (He appears a total of three times in the game, each time with different colors and AI). One thing notable is that two of the encounters with the large man is that it is possible to knock him off the ship and the game would consider him defeated. This is crucial for the final encounter as it is hard to defeat him alone with just attacking him.


According to statements contained within an interview with Hummer Cheng, Titenic was originally developed much earlier and was supposed to be published by NT. [1] However, during this point the market for Famicom games in Taiwan was at a decline and NT told them they had no interest in publishing original games anymore. This prevented Titenic from having a single cart release at the time and also from being finished. After leaving NT, Hummer Team would have disbanded and either Hummer Cheng and/or Chris Ho would modify Titenic into Harry's Legend and sold it to a supplier by the name of IC通路公司 (Silicon Application Corp.) It was originally presumed that Trump Grand Manufacturing Co. had the direct rights to Harry's Legend in the past, although Hummer Cheng currently has trouble recalling any experience with the company.

In 2003, ABAB Soft would be established by Handel Liao which published several multicarts containing Hummer Team's games. Their site at the time had mockup screenshots of their multicarts and one of them had Titenic while the other had Harry's Legend. [2] Sometime around in 2005, a cart known as the Super New Year Cart 15-in-1 would be officially published and distributed by 鴻景 (Hong Jing) and was the first cart discovered that contained Titenic. On this cart you could start from either Jack's levels (By selecting the fifth game on the list, "Hacker") or Rose's levels (By selecting the sixth game, "Heroine"). Titenic would also reappear on the ZDog developed by Hummer Technology. On the ZDog, the levels are split up as separate mini-games.


This is the last Famicom game from Hummer Team to actually feature credits. It shows that by the time Titenic was in the work, most of the original members were already gone.

  • Picture by: Rebecca, Carroll
  • Program by: Hummer Cheng, Chris
  • Music by: Hummer Cheng


  • The Super New Year Cart 15-in-1 version disables the title screen and the cutscenes, possibly to remove the Titenic references. [3] (as the game goes under different names on the menu)
    • Another game on the cart, Rings, shared a similar fate. The game was supposed to have a title screen but was removed to get rid of the Lord of the Rings reference. However, unlike Titenic the graphics for it were also removed.
  • The misspelling of the title for this game appears to be done on purpose, likely to avoid trademark infringement; uncompiled code in the Super New Year Cart 15-in-1 refers to the game as "TITANIC".
  • There is a debug mode in the game you can access by hitting A on the 2P controller. When using the debug, you can not scroll the screen. Up and Down (2P) raises/lowers the water levels. Pressing A again will summon Jack/Rose. Pressing Left and Right, will summon enemies and bosses. Start on the second controller brings up the ending screen.
    • In the ZDog version, the debug menu is inaccessible. In Harry's Legend, it still exists but you can not access the ending.
  • The crouch attacks seem a bit buggy; it is possible to cancel almost all of your animations when crouching. Because of this, it is possible to prevent yourself from dying by using the crouch attack to cancel the death animation. This, combined with the debug menu and various unused data, suggests that Titenic is actually unfinished.
    • In the ZDog version, this control issue seems to be fixed. The issue is also not present in Harry's Legend.
  • One of the enemies is reused in War, another game from Hummer Team which is dated 1999.
  • Many of Jack's and Rose's sprites resemble Kyo Kusanagi's and Athena Asamiya's from The King of Fighters respectively. Also, Jack's "block" (the stance he does when a boss enters) appears to be Iori Yagami's blocking stance. Hummer Team did develop a The King of Fighters '96 NES port which would explain the connection. Interesting enough, both Kyo and Athena were cut from the official release of that port.
  • The fish enemy in this game seems to be an edited version of the fish that Chuck throws up from Hummer Team's Earthworm Jim 3.
  • In the ROM, there is a list of object names referring to not only the playable characters and enemies in Titenic but also what appears to be enemies and items from Tenchi o Kurau 2: Sekiheki no Tatakai. (Also known as Warriors of Fate outside of Japan.) The lobster in Titenic also looks similar to the one found in Tenchi o Kurau 2. This might imply Titenic originally started out as a port of this game and then got revamped or Hummer Team might have reused assets from an unfinished port they did.
    • Despite the lobster having a name on the object list, it does not refer to the lobster found in Titenic itself.
  • A popular video by JonTron has him playing the game which helped popularize it.

Harry's Legend

Harry's Legend
Harry Potter (Unl) (English Title) -p2- 001
Harry's Legend title screen.
Publisher IC通路公司 (Silicon Application Corp.) as supplier
Developer Hummer Technology
Console Famicom
Date Unknown, most likely 2000 or 2001
Alternate names/hacks Harry Potter
Hally Poter: Goblet of Fire

Harry's Legend is a modification of Titenic based on Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (Likely the novel, as the movie came out in 2001) and was made by Hummer Technology, a successor of Hummer Team. There are two different versions of this game; one with a Chinese title screen, and one with an English title screen. Both versions, however, use English in their cutscenes. This game is a lot more known due to being released on large quantities of multicarts, including a few single carts.


Harry Potter (Unl) -p1--!- 001

Gameplay of Harry's Legend. Note the Dudley-like enemy.

This game has changed quite a bit, compared to Titenic. Harry only has a kick attack that will randomly knock an enemy over. He also lacks the ability to attack while in mid-air. One special attack (A+B) is where he fires a broom out of his hand, unlocked at Level 2. The other one (Up, Down) is a slightly slower form of a strong and effective magic attack. This attack is unlocked at Level 3 of the game.

There are 5 levels in Harry's Legend, and you can choose one from the stage select screen. As it would seem, most of the graphics and some level layouts are reused from Titenic, except for levels 2 and 3, which have new graphical changes. Regardless of the stage you choose, you still go through all of them throughout the game.

The majority of the animal enemies come back (A new enemy is present, which is simply a green rat that makes a different noise upon dying). The human enemies differ, one of them including a fat kid (Possibly Dudley), a fat man (Edited off of the fat man boss from Titenic, could resemble Mr. Dursley), a punk with long hair (Edited off of a gunner enemy), an old woman (An edit of the old woman with the rifle from Titenic) and a giant chess piece.

Unlike Titenic, the human enemies here cause damage upon touching them and they do not have their own specific attacks. There's also a purple flame later that floats around and can not be killed.

The boss is a man with two faces walking backwards (Possibly Voldemort). He gets knocked back on every hit and appears in every level.

The fifth level starts with a volleyball game (Possibly based off Quidditch), where Harry takes damage if he concedes a goal or the enemy (The old lady) takes damage if the ball gets into her goal. A ghost, which can be seen flying at the top of the arena, can knock the ball around. After beating the game, there is a simple screen with "Gryffindor" and fireworks that explode into "Win."



Taiwanese cover of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.

  • The title screen is directly based on the Taiwanese cover of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. This was later edited slightly for the English version.
  • The demos do not use Harry's jumping or hitting sounds, yet everything else is in place. This is due to the fact that sounds are played differently from Harry's actions. Also, the demos seem strange since Harry is seen kicking and jumping at random while also getting hit by the enemies due to the fact that the AI was not modified from Titenic.
  • The upper right-hand corner of the HUD normally displays "Harry Potter", though some multicarts change the text to "Harry's Legend". In the ROM, there are unused tiles for the HUD that have "BO". This could have been for his name (Harry Botter), either to avoid copyright infringement, or simply a mistake, as his name is 哈利波特 (Ha Li Bo Te) in Chinese. The Game Genie code XIYXOX will replace Harry Potter's name with "Harry Botter".
  • On Level 2, it is possible to knock Voldemort himself into the water, just like the large man boss in Titenic. However, if you jump on the ice platform and let Voldemort fall in, you will also fall into the water as well, as Harry jumps up and down (the ice platform will not be under his feet after the first jump).
  • A title hack of this game, called "Hally Poter: Goblet of Fire", appears on some One Station cartridges. [4]
  • The 4-in-1 (FK23C8079) multicart has a variant of Harry's Legend where not only does the HUD replace "Harry Potter" with "Harry's Legend", but the level select is removed, and it plays an entirely different track when Voldemort appears.
  • The music played on the select screen and Level 3 bears certain similarities to a track in Ture MK3.
  • Harry appears on the front of the BootlegGames Wiki.


Harry's Legend Unused Stuff

Harry's Legend contains a bunch of unused stuff, many of it being leftovers from Titenic.



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