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Tom & Jerry 3 is an unlicensed clone of Tom & Jerry: Frantic Antics released for the Famicom by Dragon Co. at an unknown date based on the cartoon shorts of the same name.


Tom & Jerry 3 - Jerry's gameplay

Jerry's gameplay within the first level.

In this game, players take turns controlling Tom and Jerry through 5 stages, with a boss being at the end of each one. Between them they possess the same abilities, such as speed, jump height and even the ability to throw projectile weapons.

Both Tom and Jerry also have the ability to run and crawl, both of which are activated in ways contrary to platforming norms. To run, the player has to hold down Down/Right or Down/Left, depending on the direction they wish to go in, and to crawl, the player must hold Down and then hold the A button.

Both characters have a life gauge consisting of three hits per life, but unlike usual games when their life gauge depletes, a life is deducted and the player may proceed with the game as usual, unless they fall down a pit in which case the game will return the player to the nearest checkpoint. To regain lives, the player may pick up cans, collecting 25 of these will earn the player a life. Food items, such as apples and meat, will also earn the player another life.

This game has a unique game over screen for both Tom and Jerry (depending on who you play as). For Jerry, it has Tom grinning while Jerry is crying and Tom has Jerry smiling while Tom was being tied on a rope.

Other versions[]

Two hacked versions of this game made by Nice Code (known as Primitive Man and Primitive Woman) can be found on some Famiclones. These hacks separate the Tom levels apart from the Jerry levels, thus making two different games from just one and due to this, the game lacks the unique game over screen. Some sprites are also edited in these versions. These versions were also released by Nanjing as Primitive and Primitive II which may combine the two and contained story.



  • The title screen resembles the intro from the Chuck Jones' Tom and Jerry cartoons. With Tom on the Letter O and Jerry on the Letter Y.