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This article is about the PlayStation 1 game known as Tom and Jerry: Friends Forever!. For the sequel, see Tom and Jerry: Friends Forever. Part 2.

Tom and Jerry: Friends Forever! (Том и Джерри-друзья навек!) is a bootleg Russian PlayStation 1 game developed in 1999. It contains 4 minigames, a story, a video player, and a port of the Windows 3.1 game, X-Men Cartoon Maker.


On the title screen, the player can decide between two options: 'Том и Джерри - друзья навек!' (Tom and Jerry - friends forever!) or 'Редактор мультфильмов' (Cartoon editor). The first will bring you to the main menu of Tom and Jerry: Friends Forever! and the other will go to the title screen of X-Men Cartoon Maker.

Том и Джерри - друзья навек![]

The main menu of Tom and Jerry: Friends Forever! has 7 options to pick from. They are listed as follows:

Интересная история (Interesting story)[]

In this menu selection, you can read while listening to a story about Tom and Jerry. There are also images to the left that correspond with what is happening in the story. The player can move the text up or down.

Гонки (Racing)[]

In the Racing minigame, the player must roll a die in-game to move their vehicle that number of spaces on the board. It's assumed that if the player lands on a red or green space, they must go to where that space is pointing. It's unknown if this minigame is multiplayer, and if so, if more than one controller can be used. Whoever finishes first, wins.

Паззлы (Puzzles)[]

The Puzzles minigame in Tom and Jerry: Friends Forever! is made up of pictures on both sides of the screen that the player must make the same. The image on the left is the puzzle the player has control over and must unscramble. There are several different pictures to choose from.

Игра в слова (Word game)[]

The Word game minigame is completed by correctly naming what's in the middle of the screen. It also needs to be spelled correctly, or the answer is wrong.

Раскраска (Coloring book)[]

In the Coloring book minigame, you can choose from 16 different colors to fill in a black-and-white coloring page of Tom and Jerry. It's unknown if there's more than 1 page to color.

Мультфильмы (Cartoons)[]

The video player in Tom and Jerry: Friends Forever! has 3 Tom and Jerry cartoons to choose from. The left-most cartoon is the 1951 short Casanova Cat, and the right-most is the short Jerry's Cousin from the same year. The middle cartoon is currently unknown. The video player oddly plays the cartoons in the top left of the screen instead of the center where there are borders for it. The video quality is decent, but the audio is poor.

Выход (Exit)[]

This option, when selected on the main menu, will bring you back to the title screen. Every other selection from the main menu, other than Interesting story, has the 'Выход' button that you can press to go back to the main menu of Tom and Jerry: Friends Forever!. X-Men Cartoon Maker seemingly doesn't have the option to go back to the main title screen once 'Редактор мультфильмов' is selected.

Редактор мультфильмов[]

This is a port of the game X-Men Cartoon Maker, although it's referred to as 'Редактор Мультфильмов X-MAN' (X-MAN Cartoon Editor) online. In the game, you can create cartoons and artwork using various pre-made assets based on the 1992 X-Men TV series. On the title screen, all 3 logos for Knowledge Adventure™, Marvel Comics®, and Instinct Corporation have been removed.


  • When played on an emulator, the game will only boot to the title screen. If you select anything, it crashes.


Tom and Jerry: Friends Forever![]

X-Men Cartoon Maker[]

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