Top Fighter 2000 MK VIII
Top Fighter 2000's Title Screen
Publisher X Boy
Console Sega Mega Drive/Genesis
Date 2000(?)
Alternate names/hacks Top Fighter 2005 MK VIII

Top Fighter 2000 MK VIII is a fighting game created for the Mega Drive, presumably in the year 2000 by an unknown company. It features 8 characters from many different places and sources, including real-life personalities such as Michael Jordan and Muhammad Ali.


This is a fighting game with 8 opponents and no repeats between them. Each character has their own special moves and one super move, along with 8 backgrounds that are not character specific. The backgrounds are cobbled together using elements of backgrounds found in several different games, including World Heroes, Street Fighter II, The King of Fighters '95, and Fatal Fury II. The controls appear to be somewhat better than other Mega Drive pirated fighting games, such as Tekken 3 Special. However, the A button is unused, leaving B and C to be used for all attacks, similar to a NES fighting pirate.

Each fight lasts until one fighter wins 1 or 3 rounds and each round can last for up to 30, 60 or 99 seconds, depending on the settings. The hit detection is poor, with many attacks that miss the opponent when they're supposed to hit them. The endings are minimal, with a portrait of your character on a simple "YOUR ARE BEST. GAME OVER" (sic) screen.


  • Michael Jordan (misspelled Joden in game) [Sprite taken from The King of Fighters '94]
  • Geese Howard (misspelled Gees in game) [Sprite taken from Fatal Fury Special]
  • Ryu [Sprite taken from from Street Fighter Alpha]
  • Goku [Sprite taken from Dragon Ball Z]
  • Kyo [Sprite taken from The King of Fighters '95]
  • Cyclops (named Cycl in game) [Sprite taken from X-Men: Children of the Atom]
  • Muhammad Ali (named Ali in game) [Sprite taken from The King of Fighters '94]
  • Ryo [Sprite taken from Fatal Fury Special]


  • This game was later released as Top Fighter 2005 MK VIII, translated into Chinese.
  • The sprites for Michael Jordan and Muhammad Ali are edits of Lucky Glauber and Heavy D from King of Fighters '94.
  • An overlooked control bug exists in both versions; characters are unable to attack if Forward + B are pressed at the same time. Additionally, characters may perform special moves if the attack button is held down and then the directional movements are put in. For example, holding B then pressing D, DF, F will allow Ali to throw his flaming punch.
  • Many recent reprints of Top Fighter 2000 drop the original name from the cartridge label, using the name "Mortal Kombat 8", and feature character artwork from Mortal Kombat Gold and Mortal Kombat: Deception.
  • The sounds come from many different games. The death cries are from Street Fighter 2. Joden and Ali's voice are from KoF 98, the "Winner" sound clip is ALSO from KoF 98, and the Continue Countdown is from Real Bout Fatal Fury.
  • The background graphics are also from different games, including Fatal Fury 2 (Gees Stage) Fighters History (Ryu Stage) KoF 94 (Kyo stage) etc.


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