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The Top Guy (also spelled "Topguy", 頂尖小子 in Chinese) is a handheld Famiclone made by Kingway Electronics around 1993-1994[1][2]. Its model number was "King-006"[1].

It is the first known Famiclone handheld with its own built-in LCD screen, predating the GameAxe by several years. The screen is 2.7 inches, although its quality is debatable, said by NES World to be very blurry[1] but by |tsr to be "incredibly clear"[3]. It can also be connected to a TV via RF cable or wirelessly via an antenna[3]. It accepts 60-pin Famicom cartridges and additionally has a 9-pin controller port and 15-pin expansion port. For portable use it requires 6 AAA batteries which are said to last only 1 hour[1], but can also be connected to DC power.

According to Super Gamer magazine (albeit in an article which falsely described it as a "colour Gameboy" from Japan)[4] only 1000 units were produced.

Another version exists which lacks the LCD screen and has a sticker in its place, requiring connection to a TV to be used.


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