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Touche Me is an adult maze game developed and published by an unknown company. There's no actual release date, but it's believed to be in 1990 along with another game that shares similar code, Lady Frog.


You control a rabbit named George Rabbit. Your objective is to paint all the roads in the streets and help Jessie steal money from a safe from an unnamed place. Each game has three enemies, all from the same group, known as Jena Boy (hobo enemies), Bad Boy (punk enemies) and Sckink's (ghost enemies). The player also can paralyze the enemies for one second, making them numb through the Help button. Like many Arcade games at the time, it features a time limit in order to complete the maze. The game features several intermissions:

  • After clearing Stage 1: Jessie is on a bar smoking with a punk bartender at her side. Her pose is not altered from the one seen in the Attract Mode.
  • After clearing Stage 3: Jessie breaks an safe full of money, wearing an dress with no bra, showing parts of her chest.
  • After clearing Stage 4: Jessie appears completely naked, with George saying Sorry! where she was supposed to show her vagina. The Sorry! balloon does an intentional censorship.

The game loops after the last intermission. No intermission is played after clearing Stage 2.


  • The game concept is based on Make Trax. However, the game recycles the font, sound engine, music, SFX, and the possible voice-clips from Cycle Shooting, a light gun shooting game made by Taito in 1986. The hardware is largely the same, minus the Sub CPU.
  • Despite the game featuring dots on the streets, they aren't part of the gameplay, making it a false Pac-Man clone.
  • In Stage 1, one of the buildings is a mock-up of a Marlboro cigarette pack.
  • The game seems to be developed and published by Mondial Games, as another game, called Lady Frog, features the same stolen assets from Cycle Shooting as well.
  • Both George Rabbit and Jessie are likely based on Roger Rabbit and Jessica Rabbit respectively, as George has clothes and palette colors similar to Roger’s, and Jessie has eyes and a body structure that resemble Jessica’s.