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Although there are several versions, the Treamcast is an unauthorized third-party developed Dreamcast clone from China (though technically a mod rather than a clone, as it was essentially an original Sega Dreamcast in a custom shell) that gained notability for its portability. This small system with its fold-down display resembled the revised PlayStation. The Treamcast can read CD-Rs and play MP3s and Video CDs with special software. Sega accused the company of copyright violations and was able to halt sale through various websites.

Because of its pirated firmware, the Treamcast can play all international games. Also, despite its origins in Hong Kong, the Treamcast houses an American power supply. It will also take original Dreamcast controllers, 3rd party controllers, and the unique controllers which come with it (which resemble six button Sega genesis controllers).

The screen is a modified PlayStation screen manufactured onto a miniaturized Dreamcast body.

It could originally be found on the streets of Hong Kong, eBay auctions, or specialist import websites.