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True Three Kingdoms (spelled True Thre Kingdoms on the English release's box and cartridge), or 真·三國無雙 in Chinese, is an unlicensed game for the Game Boy Color developed by BBD and released by Sintax, likely in 2002. It is loosely based on the Shin Sangokumusou (真・三國無双) series of hack-and-slash games (incorporated into the Dynasty Warriors series outside of Japan). The game would be released in both Chinese and English, with the English version only translating menu text and options. BBD is credited on the title screens of the original Sintax releases of this game.


True Three Kingdoms is a side-scrolling beat-'em-up and is implied to be set in the Three Kingdoms period of China. When a new game is started, the player is presented with four dynasty generals to play as, who are represented with pre-release renders of the generals from Shin Sangokumusou 2 (Dynasty Warriors 3 outside of Japan): Guan Yu, Zhao Yun, Huang Zhong, and Zhang Fei (they are also shown in the game's intro with their pre-release renders).[1] Each general has their own weapon(s) and a set of attack moves they can perform, which are demonstrated after the general is selected. Before each stage, the game presents the option to save progress or continue to the stage.


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