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Trumpgrand Electronic Toy Factory
Trump Grand's logo on their website.
Origin Hong Kong/Dongguan, China
Years 1990-present
Consoles Famicom
Aliases Power Joy Ltd., Kidzpro, GreaTeam
Published games by Nice Code Software, Hummer Team
Related companies Qi Sheng Long

Trumpgrand Electronic Toy Factory (东莞市虎门胜豪电子玩具厂) also known as Trump Grand Manufacturing Co. (Chinese: 胜豪国际 / 胜豪电子 or Sheng Hao International / Sheng Hao Electronics) is a company based in China and Hong Kong that produces numerous handheld and plug & play consoles, containing games mostly developed by Nice Code Software. A few of the games on their consoles also appear to have been developed by Hummer Team.

Famiclones/Clone Consoles Made By Trump Grand

  • dreamGEAR (certain models only, others are made by JungleTac or Qi Sheng Long)
  • MegaDuo (combination Famicom and Mega Drive clone console.
  • Power Joy series
    • Power Joy
    • Power Joy II (differs only in its included cartridge)
    • Power Joy III (built-in LCD brick game in the controller)
    • Power Joy Voyager
    • Power Joy Navigator (twin joysticks with 50 games)
    • Power Joy Supermax (similar to the Power Joy I/II, but OneBus based with built-in rumble. Includes 30 + 60 game cartridges)
    • Power Joy Solo
    • Power Joy Streamline
    • Power Joy Turbo Racer
    • Power Joy KS-2521C (Famicom & VT03 compatible)
    • Power Joy KS-2523B


  1. Their website is defunct.[1]