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Trumpgrand Electronic Toy Factory (东莞市虎门胜豪电子玩具厂) also known as Trump Grand Manufacturing Co. (Chinese: 胜豪国际 / 胜豪电子 or Sheng Hao International / Sheng Hao Electronics) is a company based in China and Hong Kong that produces numerous handheld and plug & play consoles, containing games mostly developed by Nice Code Software. A few of the games on their consoles also appear to have been developed by Hummer Team.

Famiclones/Clone Consoles Made By Trump Grand[]

  • dreamGEAR (certain models only, others are made by JungleTac or Qi Sheng Long)
  • MegaDuo (combination Famicom and Mega Drive clone console.
  • Power Joy series
    • Power Joy
    • Power Joy II (differs only in its included cartridge)
    • Power Joy III (built-in LCD brick game in the controller)
    • Power Joy Voyager
    • Power Joy Navigator (twin joysticks with 50 games)
    • Power Joy Supermax (similar to the Power Joy I/II, but OneBus based with built-in rumble. Includes 30 + 60 game cartridges)
    • Power Joy Solo
    • Power Joy Streamline
    • Power Joy Turbo Racer
    • Power Joy KS-2521C (Famicom & VT03 compatible)
    • Power Joy KS-2523B


  1. Their website is defunct.[1]