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Tun Shi Tian Di III (吞食天地III) is an RPG for Sega Mega Drive published by SKOB and most likely developed by Chuanpu or ex-Chuanpu members. It was later ported to the Game Boy Color by Vast Fame as San Guo Zhi: Lie Zhuan.

The game ROM contains a hidden credit for the battle system to Tsui-ChienHua of Never Ending Soft Team with a 1997 copyright date. This is one year after Chuanpu was said to have closed.

       *BATTLE SYSTEM*  Written by TSUI-ChienHua         (C)1997 NeverEnding-SoftStudio  IN TAIWAN,TAICHUNG   



Screenshot of the game.

The game's story is based on "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" and "Tenchi o Kurau series (But unrelated of story)". The game evidently is based on the same engine as that of Ya-se Chuan Shuo and Barver Battle Saga: Tai Kong Zhan Shi, with the exceptions of a different battle view. [1]



This game have 3 easter eggs.

  • If you hold A + B + C + Start at the screen "Start/Continue" the logos for unknown companies will show up. It is unknown if these companies had any contribution to the games development. [2]
  • If you hold Right + Start + A + C at the screen "Start/Continue" the logos for winsen will show up. It is unknown if this companies had any hand in this games development. [3]
  • If you hold Up, Down, Left, Right, A at the title screen. And select "Start" at the screen "Start/Continue". You'll start game for renew HP/MP and exp parameters at its maximum. [4]