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Twin Mouse is a Master System platform game developed by Open Corp. in 1993-1994.


Twin Mouse is a platformer resembling Tiny Toon Adventures for the NES. The goal is simply to get to the end of each stage. The player character is a mouse that can switch between male and female when a hammer is picked up. The only difference between the two is that the female can slowly descend in mid-air, similar to Plucky Duck's ability. At the end of each level is a door that can only be opened with a key held by a boss. Jumping on its head three times will reveal the key. Throughout the levels are many collectibles; these include jewels, mushrooms, and strawberries, but they all function the same: collecting 100 will award the player an extra life.

This game uses several music tracks from Magic Kid Googoo and the death theme from Super Boy 4. This is likely because Open Corp. was founded by ex-Zemina employees.