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Ugadayka (translates to Guessing) is game made in Russia by A. Chudov. in 1995 for the Dendy system.


The game is a hangman-esque type game with four different options. Russian, Russian words with the Latin alphabet, English words with the Cyrillic (Russian) alphabet, and English.

There are 22 categories to choose from:

-Months of the Year

-Days of the Week



-Rooms of the House



-Household Appliances


-Human Body Parts

-Lessons in School





-Instruments (more accurately, tools)

-Radio and TV





There are three guesses in each round, and the progress is indicated by a string of sausages. Should the player guess it wrong, then a thin black cat comes in and takes the sausages away while Mozart's Turkish March plays.

If 100 or more points are scored, then the player can play a different game based on volleyball. If around 20 points are scored in that game, then the sound of the Duck Hunt Dog's laugh can be heard by the player who won that game.