Unite Lucky Technology Co., Ltd (also known as Gen Ching & Cangxin Technology, 倉信科技股份有限公司) was a Taiwanese company which released a number of Mega Drive games, Famicom multicarts, Famiclones and other products, mostly under the name X Boy. Coolboy while they have similar products. It is only their name that is a reference to this company.

The company was officially registered on 22nd July 1986 and dissolved on 9th April 2010 with NT$45,000,000 (approx. USD $1,500,000) capital[1], but had seemingly stopped releasing games or related products some time previously - its last known activities were as an importer of home appliances.[2]

Mega Drive games published

(probably incomplete)

Famicom multicarts

  • Carts containing Inventor hacks[8][9] including:
    • XB-F861 - 9 in 1 with Happy Angel, Sheer Nijia 3, Elf Legend (A clone of mario bros for the famicom), Invader, Frog Prince, Conte Enegy, Cobra of Sky, Bounce, Aether[10]
    • XB-F863 - 8 in 1 Star Wars (Probably a graphics hack of one of the shooting games for the famicom), Fighter, Spar, Hellfire, Maze, 3 more
    • XB-F865 - 8 in 1 Super Fighters (Nekketsu Kakutou Densetsu hack), Basketball, X-Plan, Ladangel, Little Hag, Tennis, Bomb, Penguin
    • XB-F866 - 9 in 1 Frog Prince, Basketball, Bomb, Tennis, Aether, Sheer Nijia 3 (Probably a hack of a ninja gaiden related game), 3 more
  • XB-F812 - 9 in 1 with Panda World [11]
  • XB-F70 - 76~10MG in 1 with Super Pocket Monster [12], Akumajou Special: Boku Dracula-kun, Chip to Dale no Daisakusen 2, Galaxian, Pooyan, Track & Field, Ikki, Macross, Raid on Bungeling Bay, Brush Roller
  • XB-??? - 9 in 1 with Super Popo's Adventure, "Shin 2", Power Blade 2, Aladdin 3, "World Cup FIFA 2002", Islander (Probably the same as clonk a adventure island hack), Star Force, Galaxian, "Jewel Tetris" (Probably the same as the 2000 version of magic jellery as reviewed on a 47 in 1 multicart for the nes.) [13]


  • V.T.Player 1, a plug & play console in the style of a mobile phone - Tweeterman do have similar versions of the same console on his channel.
  • Unknown dance mat[3] - This is probably the same as inventor's dance mat for their street dance game. But the 2000 version not the 2003 version.


Super pocket monster ironically is very glitchy and adds cheats to waixing's game for the famicom. Ironically sheer nijia 3 is new ninja adventure in english. The carts are getting dumped individually at tzone's website.


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