Unite Lucky Technology Co., Ltd (also known as Gen Ching & Cangxin Technology, 倉信科技股份有限公司) is a Taiwanese company which released a number of Mega Drive games, Famicom multicarts, Famiclones and other products, mostly under the name X Boy. The company's last known activities were as an importer of home appliances.[1]

Mega Drive games published

(probably incomplete)

Famicom multicarts

  • Carts containing Inventor hacks[7][8] including:
    • XB-F863 - 8 in 1 Star Wars (???), Fighter, Spar, Hellfire, Maze, 3 more
    • XB-F865 - 8 in 1 Super Fighters (Nekketsu Kakutou Densetsu hack), Basketball, X-Plan, Ladangel, Little Hag, Tennis, Bomb, Penguin
    • XB-F866 - 9 in 1 Frog Prince, Basketball, Bomb, Tennis, Aether, Sheer Nijia 3 (???), 3 more


  • V.T.Player 1, a plug & play console in the style of a mobile phone
  • Unknown dance mat[2]


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