About meEdit

Previously known as Barver until I forget my password and couldn't log back in =p Huge fan of pirates, even if a lot of them suck. I'm hoping that this community will grow to have a lot of contributions for unknown pirates. I'm known as Barver on the PGC forums, and go by Bramsworth or Guy Bramsworth elsewhere. Also translate under the name SteveMartin, and helped with the translation of ChuanPu's Barver Battle Saga.

Games I've helped dump so far:


  • Tiny Toon Adventures 3 (dumped by Azathoth)
  • Power Rangers - The Fighting Edition (dumped by Azathoth)


  • Hercules (dumped by Azathoth)
  • Digimon Adventure (dumped by Azathoth)
  • Pokemon Gold Silver (dumped by Azathoth)

Funtech Super A'can

  • C.U.G (dumped by Kevtris)
  • Speedy Dragon (dumped by Kevtris)
  • Son of Evil (dumped by Kevtris)

Games I'm searching for:

  • Kirby's Super Star for Genesis/MD(no concrete proof that this exists yet)
  • Aladdin II/2000 for SNES (port of the Genesis Aladdin)
  • The Mask for FC
  • Anything else unknown. Or a Conker's Quest prototype for N64, that's be nice :p

My favorite pagesEdit

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