Hi! I'm Extremewrecker2000 the Willer, an account that started on YouTube on Febuary, 2018. I'm also a retro gamer with a lot to know about. I have done stuff on my channel like, "Retroverse Games", playthroughs, & several multicart jokes(those are getting old). My favorite console is the Sega Genesis as it was a staple to my childhood as I do remember that I watched YouTube videos of several Sega Genesis games, & had an Atgames plug-n-play Genesis too(the emulation on those SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK). Enjoy my stuff :)!

My favorite pagesEdit

  1. Famiclones
  2. Somari
  3. Action 52(NES)
  4. Multicarts
  5. GB Boy Colour
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