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It's very common in a society like ours to try every existing method to earn extra cash. I'm used to seeing very poor game edits like Pokemon Blue and Lion King, I've also seen videogame series, something like "video game chapters" (it happened with the hacked versions of Somari). But today, I've discovered two examples of what I think it could be the most sassy and clever ways to sell a game to a random person. If it weren't clever enough, it features two games hacked of the same licensed game:

  • Let's pick up a game, let's change the player graphics and the life counter.
  • Now, let's make two copies: Ice Age 3 and Ice Age 4.
  • Because of the game difficulty, and knowing that very few people will get to the next stages, let's make Ice Age 4 to start at the 3rd stage.
  • What happens, do they have the same health counters? Don't worry, a brand new one for Ice Age 3.
  • The same music at titlescreen? Let's mute the Ice Age 4 one.
  • And... the final part: brand new titlescreens.

And that's the way with which you can get two games, hacked originally from the same licensed game, that have the same game mechanisms and that, apparently, are different from each other. At which point would the trick stop working? Getting to the 3rd stage available in Ice Age 3 or in Chuck Rock.