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Pokemon Hacks

Hello, I noticed you've been making articles on the Pokemon hacks that have been put on bootleg GBA cartridges. Would you mind making a page for those hacks in general instead of seperate pages for each one? Articles for bootleg games are usually for pirate originals and not so much hacks. (especially when it's a ROM hack some pirate took and slapped it on a GBA cart.) Could you make a page that is dedicated to these hacks instead? KingPepe2010 20:11, March 20, 2012 (UTC)

Yes, and how? Does it look like rocks to you!? 21:28, March 20, 2012 (UTC)

You can pretty much start an article labeled "GBA Pokemon Hacks" (without quotes) and list the games with their summaries with them. I can make the redirect pages for you. (so if someone types in Pokemon Quartz in, they'll be redirected to the GBA Pokemon Hacks page)

I'll instead put the page for you: Pokémon Hacks Does it look like rocks to you!? 01:53, March 21, 2012 (UTC)

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Here's pictures for your TheShinyMew4Forever account and your Random-ness Wiki account.

  1. The kissing scene from Inspector Gadget goes to japan and meets the Sailor Scouts.
  2. emini4 holding a piece of paper with pictures of Misty, her Togetic, all of every anime's characters with a bomb on it.
  3. Gosaloid with her past version, Gosalyn(in slime form) eating CHICKEN!

Sadly, I only add pictures from the anime and video game, but thanks. File:3D Sonic.jpgSonic the Hedgehog don't scare me! 21:07, April 26, 2012 (UTC)

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I need you to make your TheShinyMew4Forever account and make these edits to the Logo Bloopers and Logo Bloopers 3 pages on the CLG Wiki's Dream Logos, and do it now! Your my other idol!

Supreme Enterprise Productions(1985-1991, 1992-2000, 2004- logo)

Take 1: Oswald is replaced with Snap. The Director shouts:"CUT! Now i am really mad!".

Take 2: Oswald and the company name sleep in the DiC Kid In Bed and the starfield is replaced with the green gradient backword with the yellow squares zooming out the window. The Director facepalms.

Take 3: Mini Moon is throwing a heart at Oswald.

Take 4: The logo is done correctly.

PBS (Pokémon Galaxy All-Stars: The Quest of the Glowing Mew variant)

17. The Nickelodeon Pinchface Is Missing. Beebe Bluff Shouts:"I QUIT!".

18. Mini Moon Replaces Inside Out Boy And Kisses Pinchface And Inspector Gadget Is Kissing Sailor Moon. The Normal, Funny And Good Director Shouts:"CUT! Since Beebe Bluff Quit, I WANT INSIDE OUT BOY!, AND SAILOR MOON, TUXEDO MASK IS YOUR BOYFRIEND!!! NOT INSPECTOR GADGET!". Sailor Moon And Mini Moon Then Leave.

19. After Inspector Gadget Says:"Wowzers!", Gosayln(In Slime Form) In A Tuxedo And Hat With A Candy Cane Comes In And Sings Hello World By W.A.B. The Director Shouts "CUT!".

20. Sailor Moon Comes In Dancing In A Wedding Costume. The Music Playing Is YTPMV: Big Beat Mario And All The Characters Of CLG Wiki Dream Logos And DiC Entertainment Dance To It. INCULDING THE DIRECTOR!

21. The Dynamikun Face Replaces Patrick. Spongebob & Inspector Gadget Started To Laugh At It!

22. The PBS Logo Is Missing.

23. The logo shakes. The director hits the wall and yells out:"OUCH!".

24. Arthur was replaced with a bunch of bats! The Director facepalms.

I may as well! File:3D Sonic.jpgSonic the Hedgehog don't scare me! 23:32, May 2, 2012 (UTC)

And you can use these songs:

  • Benny Hill Theme
  • Witch Doctor(The Cartoons' Version)
  • YTPMV: Big Beat Mario
  • YTPMV: Pingastea Din Tei
  • YTP: Pingas Hill
  • AND MORE! 23:39, May 2, 2012 (UTC)

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OH216.20.111.14 15:42, May 3, 2012 (UTC)

Make these edits to the page: Logos From A Dream.

Today, me, Gosayln, Gosaloid, Gosaloid's friend, Ickis, Snap, Nermal, the ghost from the Ghostwater logo, the Nickelodeon Pinchface, Sailor Jupiter, Mini Moon, FainterPingy, The V Of Doom, The V Of Steel, All the Viacom Logos, All the stuff from the scary logos and my Random-ness Wiki friends were watching Pokémon 6: Out of Sync(as a DVR recording from HBO Zone) but during the scene of Misty yelling for mercy, the PBS logo from 1984 in G-major interuppted it. We all screamed:"AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!".

Then, FainterPingy tried to turn off the TV, but instead it changed the channel to CBS. TO BE CONTINUED

CBS played Judge Judy, but it was in a brown tint. Then, the TV shut off.

I and Gosayln were both in the bathtub, then the V of Steel appeared in our bathtub. Gosayln said:"GET OUT!". Then he left.

One day, Gosayln was throwing slime at me! She rubbed her tummy for 56 seconds, that was NOT stupid at all, then she ran up to the house. Then, i was okay when she saw the Oz film company mask.

Another edit request:

The Exorcist (January 31, 1995 Classics re-issue): The Duplication screen from canada is seen after the normal warnings. Then after a preview for The Three Caballeros and a commercial for the XETV Kids Club, the Coming Soon to Video & DVD logo from the Winnie the Pooh Boo To You Too 2001 VHS is shown in PAL pitch. After a trailer for the classics re-issue of Mickey's Christmas: Snowed In, in the House Of Mouse and a trailer for Donald Duck's Nightmare of Kermit the Frog, the Feature Program logo from Disney's Haunted Mansion VHS tapes plays with the guy who says:"And now, a feature program! Mua-hahahaha", the guy from the Feature Program logo from: "Winnie The Pooh: Boo to you too!" is heard instead. The 2000 Disney Videos logo plays after that.

After a commercial for Mountain Dew and a commercial for Nightmare Ned On VHS & DVD, the white background version of the Disney Videos logo plays, but throught the logo, Mark Elliott says:"Thank you for buying this horror film VHS. We hope you buy more in the future!". After that, the logo fades out. Warner Bros. Distributed this tape for Disney as they own the film.

Another dream edit:

Then, the DiC logo was Hanna Babera style!

Stop that!File:3D Sonic.jpgSonic the Hedgehog don't scare me! 07:20, May 4, 2012 (UTC)