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MLJY (talk) 08:31, April 15, 2019 (UTC)

Unwanted Articles

Your recent pages Contra - Shuang Ji Xing Yuan, Little Fantasy, and Lj65 0.41 (which will be removed after this message) do not fit our criteria for what belongs on this site. These appear to be ROM hacks or homebrew games and appear to not have been intended to be sold on the market. None of these qualify as the kind of games we're looking for. HEY YOU! DO NOT DELETE THEIR OWN PAGES OF CONTRA. I WANT TO FIT OUR CRITERIA THEM!

Please reread Help:Contents/Articles regarding what belongs on the wiki. If I see articles like this again, you'll be warned and could be potentially banned. Have a nice day. KingPepe2010 (talk) 16:51, April 15, 2019 (UTC)

Recreate the pages and we must fit our criteria belongs on this site, PLEASE DO NOT DELETE NOW THIS PAGE, and CANNOT BE UNWANTED. This page must be recreated by Mr. Delorian 9201.