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The V-Play Vapentainment System is a handheld Famiclone that is built into a disposable vape. The console was first released around April of 2024, and was likely developed by Shenzhen Wellminds Technology.


The V-Play hardware is based on the NES-based "1.8" handheld games, running Famicom/NES games at a much smaller (160x128) screen resolution. The console features three built-in games:

  • F-22 - Common "plug & play" hack of 1943 produced by Inventor; appears to be based on the Waixing version.
  • Pac Maze - A largely-unhacked copy of Pac-Man; the two-player mode and all in-game text is removed. Features large "START" text on the title screen that is also seen on Wellminds systems.
  • Tetra Stack - Appears to be an elaborate hack of Poke Tetris, redesigned to fit better on the 1.8" screen. Seemingly based on the "Harry Potter" version, which is commonly used on Wellminds systems.