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VCOM (also spelled V-COM) is a brand of Famiclones, Mega Drive clones, and GBA clones (marketed as VCOM Portable) sold in Indonesia. VCOM also marketed their own versions of Play Vision Portable, some of them with GBA support, as well as catridges (all of them multicarts) for their Famiclones. VCOM also manufactured an educational system (model VCE-1001), with software developed by Elex Media Komputindo, a major Indonesian publisher, and Edu-Games, creator of the Bobby Bola series.

VCOM's Famiclones typically follow the PolyStation visual archetype, with one model featuring a soccer ball pattern in the cartridge lid, and also features built-in games.

VCOM appears to have license to use Upin & Ipin branding, although there does not seem to be mention of Les' Copaque Production, the creator of the series, in the boxes featuring them. Most of these systems feature games where player sprites has been modified to feature the titular characters.

VCOM's Game Boy Advance SP clones appears to be based on the K-Team K1 GBA SP, at least for models produced after 2012. They feature a built-in game list comprised of standard GBA titles, PocketNES conversions, and an unknown "Gangnam Style" ROM (GBA conversion of the music video); as well as coming with a Flashcart.

VCOM also is known to have advertised on Indonesian television, as well on publications aimed at children. Some VCOM boxes in 2010s feature a 15th anniversary sticker; a Wayback Machine dump of the company's website in 2015 suggested that the company was first established in 2001.

Upin & Ipin Games[]

The following Upin & Ipin hacks are known to appear on the VCOM systems.

  • Upin & Ipin (hack of Super Mario Bros. 3 [?])
  • Upin & Ipin 3 (hack of Mitsume ga Tooru; credited to Wellminds, and appears on several of their systems as well)
  • U&I Man III (hack of Mega Man III; features a strange "moon jump" mechanic when jumping to the right, while jumping to the left retains normal jump height)
  • Upin Ipin Adventure (hack of 8 Eyes [?])
  • Untitled M.C. Kids hack


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