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The VTxx is an early series of system-on-a-chips created by V.R. Technology. There are four known VTxx parts: VT01, VT02, VT03, and VT09, all of which are based on Famicom core, albeit with improved hardware specifications. VTxx variants are used in almost all Famiclones released from the 2000s onward.


  • VT01 - Lower quality than a standard NES/Famicom, not being able to output full color. One variant runs games in monochrome, while another outputs shades of red and cyan.
  • VT02 - Almost identical to the NES/Famicom except for its improved processor and better sound capability.
  • VT03 - Built on the NES core but with 16-bit/4BPP graphics.
  • VT09 - Almost the same as VT03, but with 32-bit/8BPP graphics; this chip is exclusively used by JungleTac.