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The VTxx is an early series of systems-on-a-chip created by V.R. Technology. There are five known VTxx chips: VT01, VT02, VT03, VT09, and VT32, all of which are based on the Famicom core, albeit with improved hardware specifications. VTxx variants are used in almost all Famiclones released from the 2000s onward.

VTxx hardware was preceded by the UM6578 chip, and would later be followed by the VTxxx hardware line.


All VTxx types use "OneBus" technology: combining the two PRG (program) and CHR (character) chips of the NES/Famicom into a single, all-in-one chip.

  • VT01 - The VT01 chipset was designed for early portable Famiclones, using an STN display rather than an LCD display. Because of this, the VT01 is of a lower quality than a standard NES/Famicom, not being able to output full color. One variant runs games in monochrome, while another outputs shades of red and cyan.
    • Very few VT01 systems are actually known to exist; the only confirmed console to use the hardware is a rare "Portable FC-LCD" system, featuring Inventor hacks and "educational computer" software.
  • VT02 - Almost identical to the NES/Famicom except for its improved processor and better sound capability.
  • VT03 - Built on the NES core but with 16-bit/4BPP graphics.
  • VT09 - Almost the same as VT03, but with 32-bit/8BPP graphics; this chip is exclusively used by JungleTac.
  • VT32 - Features the ability to run multiple sampled sound channels. Some VT32 variants support NES/Famicom chip types uncommon in other Famiclones, such as MMC1 ("mapper 1") and UxROM ("mapper 2").