Virtua Fighter 2 VS Tekken 2
Virtua Fighter 2 VS Tekken 2's title screen.
Console Sega Mega Drive
Engine Tekken 3 Special Engine
Alternate names/hacks V.R. Fighter VS Taken 2 (Title screen)

Virtua Fighter 2 VS Tekken 2 (referred to as V.R Fighter VS Taken2 [sic] on the title screen) is a pirated game based off Fighters Megamix and Tekken, made for the Mega Drive by an unknown company.


VF2VST2's Gameplay.

Despite the name, this game includes 5 Virtua Fighter 2 characters, 5 Tekken characters and 2 Fighting Vipers characters: Akira, Pai, Wolf, Lion, Shun, Heihachi, Jun, Lee, Paul, Kazuya, Honey and Bahn. The control is poorly designed and the engine is similar to some other games like Tekken 3 Special. The player can only punch and kick, move slowly and jumpkick if the button is pressed at the perfect time. As a result, the game is more difficult than it should be, although in the options the health bars can be modified so that one or both of the players can't take any damage, making it impossible for the opponent to win.

The graphics are mainly from Fighter's Megamix and the Tekken characters' sprites are from Tekken 2, with the graphics being converted into 2D. The music appears to be original, although the music in Paul and Wolf's stage is glitched on some emulators. Like games similar to this, the ending is a basic Congratulations screen with the player's character rendered in charcoal.


  • The title screen misspells the game as V.R. Fighter VS Taken 2. The "V.R. Fighter" part can be explained in that it's a literal translation of the Chinese title for the Virtua Fighter series, which is "VR戰士" (VR Zhànshì).
  • Setting the option to be invincible comes up "No demage" instead of "No damage."
  • The hitting sound effect is from Sonic The Hedgehog 2.


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