Wait and See!
Publisher TomSoft Studio
Developer Dragon Co.
Console Famicom
Date 1997
Sound engine Konami
Alternate names/hacks Nu, pogodi!

Wait and See! is a platform game developed by Dragon Co.. The game has Nu, pogodi! (Ну, погоди!, a famous Russian series of theatrical shorts similar to Tom & Jerry) as an alternate title; however, apart from this and picture on the cartridge cover, it has nothing to do with the actual cartoon.

Also, the phrase "Nu, pogodi!" is actually translated to "Well, Just you wait!", not "Wait and see!"


  • The main character looks almost identical to Bugs Bunny, while his attack against enemies is identical to the one of Taz from Taz-Mania.
  • Although the main character picks carrots, the carrot counter in the lower part of the screen has a mushroom picture.
  • There's some hidden text on the game's ROM: "TomSoft Studio. Tel:(029)7223482" and "tomsoft-1997". More references to "TomSoft Studio" can be found in other Dragon Co. games.


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