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War is an arcade-like game made for the Famicom by Hummer Technology. The game was first known to be on an ABAB Soft 4-in-1 multicart and was later found on a Super New Year Cart 15-in-1. It also was included on several Power Joy Classic TV Game plug and play systems by Trump Grand.




In War, the player will play as a soldier attacking many enemies on one stage. The player use left and right to move, down to pick up power-ups, A to throw a knife (only goes a certain distance to hit the basic enemies) and B to throw a bomb which hits the higher/hiding enemies. The player will only have a limited number of bombs to use however. All the enemies shoot at at the player and they must dodge the bullets. The power-ups are invincibility, an extra life and extra bombs. The player will start on one of four different stages, New Junk City from Earthworm Jim 3, Reptile Rumble from Donkey Kong Country 4, and two stages (parking lot and bar) from Final Fight 3.

The final boss of the game is Osama Bin Laden, using what seem to be digitized images of Bin Laden's head on a comically tiny body. After defeating Bin Laden, the game is intended to display an ending of the player's soldier saluting the American flag; however, the game merely fades to black in all known versions, presumably due to a glitch.

Reused Stuff[]

  • Stages are reused from other Hummer games.
  • All the music in this game is reused from previous titles. From Earthworm Jim 3, there was New Junk City, and the invincibility music uses said game's Game Over music. From Donkey Kong Country 4, it uses Coral Capers, Winky's Walkway, and Oil Drum Alley (however, the versions of these tracks come from Earthworm Jim 3, in which they were unused).
  • Some enemies are from Titenic.


  • During the demo, the high score says 1999; this may suggest the game started development at this point. However, the featuring of Bin Laden could indicate the final version was compiled post-9/11.