Wario Land II
Title screen.
Hack of Kirby's Adventure
Publisher J.Y. Company
Cart ID(s) SC127
Original developer HAL Laboratory
Console Famicom
Date September 1998

Wario Land 2 is a hack of Kirby's Adventure made and released by J.Y. Company in September 1998 for the Famicom.

Overview Edit

Despite some glitches that occur in this particular bootleg, the only changes are graphical details. Almost all of the sprites of Kirby have now been changed to that of Wario, directly ripped from Wario Land II on the Game Boy. (only a couple of Kirby's sprites remain, such as the victory animation) The title screen has also been modified, as the title screen now reads "Wario Land II" and has a picture of Wario, whose palette is completely inaccurate. The life meter has also been changed, as the sprite of Kirby has been replaced by a Mario sprite, likely ripped directly from Super Mario Bros. for the NES. The health meter has also been changed from "Kirby" to "Wario".

Other than that, the rest of the game remains completely intact aside from some glitches that cause the game to behave dissimilar to that of the original game, which are noticeable to fans of Kirby. Most noticeably, the game lacks a battery and therefore the save feature does not work.

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Trivia Edit

  • All HUD ability sprites have been rather poorly edited to remove Kirby, a notable example is the Fire ability, which features an eyeless Kirby breathing fire.
  • The PCB code (EL870914C) indicates it was manufactured during September 1998. This and Final Fight 3 are likely the 2 lasts stand-alone games J.Y. released.