Title Screen

Wario Land 3 is a bootlegged game for the Sega Genesis (also known as the Mega Drive) that is, in actuality, a hack of Puggsy, which was a popular platforming game for the Sega Genesis that included an interesting anti-piracy feature, which uses a SRAM check to see if the game is on the Cartridge and a 'legit' copy. When it is able to write to a selected area (chosen by the game), it brings up an error message and will not let you pass after the 5th stage. Whether this anti-piracy feature is still incorporated into the actual bootleg game running on a console is currently unknown.


Nothing really that significant has been changed from the original game; it seems that Puggsy himself has been converted to a sprite of Wario, which keeps the arms, hands, feet & body structure, slightly edited and recoloured from Puggsy, with a new head. and the title screen has changed. Not much is known about this game.


Gameplay of Wario Land 3


Puggsy - Wario Sprite comparison. Note how the bunk of the bodies (including feet, hands and arms) over lay perfectly

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