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Wen-BC was a company that contracted Chinese companies to produce pirate cartridges for the Famicom and Mega Drive, and then distributed them in Bulgaria and Romania.

The Famicom cartridges distributed by them have the Wen-BC logo on the top left. The games are always in yellow shells.

The factory that produced games for Wen-BC also releases games for other companies, which is why some cartridges have the same cover and serial number as those distributed from Wen-BC.


Some cartridges known to have been published by them.

Name Cartridge No. Cartridge Photo
Donkey Kong Specia K1209 Donkey Kong Specia Wen-BC
Mario Rider AT-21B Mario Rider Wen-BC
Pokémon Green Version K1912 Pokemon Green Version Wen-BC
Pokémon Silver Version K1914 Pokemon Silver Version Wen-BC
Pokemon 2 LEE09082 Pokemon 2 Wen-BC
Power Rangers 3 K1244 Power Rangers 3 Wen-BC
Jurassic Park LEE10097 Jurassic Park Wen-BC
Batman Returns K1204 Batman Returns Wen-BC
Snow Bros BS-2036 Snow Bros Wen-BC
Harry Potter K1916 Harry Potter Wen-BC
Indiana Jones LEE06054
Street Fighter III K1258
Contra 6 K1030
8 in 1 K8007
Chip Dale K1022
Pokemon Blue Version K1911
Aladdin K1202
Boogerman Super 98 VT601
Donkey Kong 2 NT-869
Booger Man K1207
Super Toy Story (1997) NT 889
Super 2 in 1 1998 VT633
Robocop K1136?