Wii Ben
Wii Ben Logo.jpg
Origin China
Years 2006-2010(?)
Consoles Wii
First Game The Legend Of Zelda Twilight Princess(?)
Last Game Spongebob's Boating Bash(?)
Aliases Unknown
Related companies Unknown

Wii Ben was a group / company based in Mainland China that distributed pirated Wii games during the system's early launch. There isn't much information known on the company other than Wii Ben's appearance on the now defunct Nintendo Anti-Piracy website, first appearing on the "How to detect" page from January 24th 2008 to July 9th 2013 before disappearing. This hints at the interference of Nintendo via legal threats or the company simply falling into obscurity. The company mainly sold pirated copies of pre-existing Wii games, usually having dim disc & case art most likely due to poor quality photo copying along with other additions that make the product look counterfeit such as a second Serial number, ISO 3166 code with a CN ISO confirming the company's origin of Mainland China, some discs also contain a DVD logo, replace the standard Wii logo with a Wii Ben one & have a RP ESRB rating most likely due to the pirates using pre-release images. Other discs are simply a DVD-R with the game's name written in marker giving context to the DVD logo on other discs & revealing that Wii Ben simply burned game ROMs onto DVD-R discs without any modification causing the games to be prone to crashing if even being able to get passed the Wii's copy protection. In addition above the Wii Ben logo on a disc is text written in broken English that reads "Wii support all the types of aircraft we hope to create a perfect happy fun. Good preservation makes a good GAME. I would like him to elect Mr.BEN." along with a message written around the disc's boarders that guarantees the product has been tested, though it is unknown what the full message is as the photos on ap.nintendo.com of the entire disc are too zoomed out to read. These discs were most likely distributed in North America & Europe during the launch of the Wii causing Nintendo to most likely take stern actions against Wii Ben.


Games known to have been pirated by Wii Ben.

Name Released Description Serial No.
The Legend Of Zelda Twilight Princess 2006(?) W00022
Excite Truck 2006(?) W00004
Rampage Total Destruction 2006(?) Unknown
Open Season 2006(?) W00031
WarioWare Smooth Moves 2007(?) W00023
Wii Play 2007(?) W00006
Super Paper Mario 2007(?) W00024
Big Brain Academy Wii Degree 2007(?) Unknown
Pajama Sam Don't Fear The Dark 2008(?) Unknown
Wii Music 2008(?) Unknown
Spongebob's Boating Bash 2010(?) Unknown


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