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Win or Lose is a ball-and-paddle game released by JungleTac sometimes in the 2000s and often found, under different names, on plug 'n' play consoles. The game features one level only, which lasts 30 seconds and revolves around hitting as many color balls as possible to earn a high score. The game would be ported to the Game Boy Advance and Sunplus consoles.


Crazy Balls[]


Crazy Balls (VT369)

A graphic hack found on a licensed Disney's Cars plug'n'play.

Spiral Ball[]


Spiral Balls (Sunplus)

A variation running on 16-bit Sunplus hardware, featuring MIDI-style music and a title screen, but otherwise identical gameplay.

Spiral Ball 2[]

A port of Spiral Ball for 32-bit Sunplus SPG293 hardware. Featured on the Zone 3D console.

Spider Pong[]


Spider Pong (Sunplus)

A licensed Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Man graphic hack of Spiral Ball.