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This article is about Windows 98. For games with a similar title, see Windows (disambiguation).

Windows 98 is a bootleg port of Microsoft's Windows 98 (codenamed Memphis while in development) operating system for the Famicom, made by Chinese developer Bei Tongfang (Chinese: 北同方). It most likely released sometime in the early 2000s.

An undumped variation based on Windows XP also exists which was created by the same developer.


The conversion is somewhat accurate on a superficial level, and seems to exist to demonstrate what features the real Windows 98 has as oddly, none of the programs actually function properly. Even basic features such as the calculator and the volume slider do not function (the latter due to the complete lack of sound) and unlike most bootleg OSes developed for the Famicom, none of the Family BASIC programs are included.



  • The fake BIOS screen at the start says that the system date in the setup utility is 08/18/2002, suggesting this had been developed on or after that date.
  • The Sohu homepage featured in the game appears to resemble the homepage featured on the real site which is still available (Link)
  • One of the pictures in the shared folders refers to the games Picaclick and Pikadance on the Pokémon 4-in-1. Another picture refers to the map of Banana Prince.
  • In the end of ROM, game graphics can be found, these look to resemble Nice Code Software Games.[1]
  • Notepad's interface is more advanced than the program is in actuality. its interface appears to more simularly resemble that of WordPad's.
  • In Windows Update, the words on the bottom right corner are misspelled as "Winodows Update", and "Microsoft" is mispelled as "Micrsoft". There is also an inconsistency where Windows Update is truncated to "Win...s' Up..." if opened from Start menu, but truncated as "Windows U..." if Internet Explorer is loaded and the Sohu homepage hasn't yet loaded.