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Wireless 60, or Wireless 60 Gaming System, is a video game console released by Kids Station Toys. It is known to have been produced as early as 2010, although its initial release date isn't entirely clear. The software on the Wireless 60 was developed by JungleTac.


The Wireless 60 mimics Nintendo's Wii system, with the unit somewhat resembling the aforementioned console and it coming bundled with two controllers that resemble Wii remotes as well as attachments for said controllers to make them look like tennis rackets, a golf club, or a baseball bat. The controllers communicate with the console via infrared technology, which is the same technology used in television remote controls. The console appears to have "motion-sensing" technology of some sense, but it isn't comparable to the level of something like the Nintendo Wii's.

As its name suggests, the console includes 60 games. The games are split into two categories: sports and arcade.

List of Games[]


  1. Baseball
  2. Basketball
  3. Boxing
  4. Bowling
  5. Fishing
  6. Darts
  7. Tennis
  8. Ping Pong
  9. Golf
  10. Pool
  11. Dancing
  12. Sea World


  1. Auto X
  2. Deep Storm
  3. Dream Bubble
  4. Fire Fighter
  5. Hero Legend
  6. Jewel Fever 2
  7. Mr. Onion
  8. The Lost World
  9. Totally Jet
  10. Pop Ball
  11. Go-Kart
  12. Sudoku
  13. Lightning Plan
  14. Find Pairs
  15. Rapid Stream
  16. Finger Dancing
  17. Slot Machine
  18. Texas Hold 'em
  19. Blackjack
  20. Video Poker
  21. Caribbean Stud
  22. Free Craps
  23. Jewel Master 2
  24. Motor Rally 2
  25. Speed Runner
  26. Dragon
  27. Treasure Hunt
  28. Ice Climber
  29. Cooking Chaos
  30. Starry Night
  31. Potion Commotion
  32. Loco-Coconuts
  33. Surf Adventure
  34. Egg Collector
  35. Find The Way
  36. Go, Smile
  37. Magic Jelly
  38. Pinball Fish
  39. Bump Jump
  40. Zippy Froger
  41. Crazy Addition
  42. Defence Mission
  43. Bomb Hero
  44. Ballroom Bonanza
  45. Milk Mania
  46. Puzzle Pop
  47. Pearls
  48. Hide And Seek



  • A few of the games recycle characters from old Disney movies.
  • Written on the box is a note which reads "If you're looking to purchase an Xbox, PlayStation, Wii, or equivalent, this product does not compare or compete with these technologies. The Wireless 60 is a family entertainment console, great for ages 5 and up."