The Wireless 60 Gaming System is a video game console developed by JungleTac, and can be seen as the successor to the Wireless Hunting Video Game System.


The console itself is a copy of Nintendo's Wii system, with two controllers that resemble Wii remotes. The controllers communicate with the console via infrared technology, which is the same technology used in television remote controls. The console appears to have "motion-sensing" technology of some sense, but it doesn't quite work properly.

As its name suggests, the console includes 60 games, which are all designed poorly and difficult to play. A few games also freeze or crash.

Written on the box is also a note which reads, "If you're looking to purchase an Xbox, PlayStation, Wii, or equivalent, this product does not compare or compete with these technologies. The Wireless 60 is a family entertainment console, great for ages 5 and up." This could imply a warning to let the buyer know that this console is going to be bad before they begin to buy it or play it.


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