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Wireless Air 60 Box

The box the Wireless Air 60 comes in

The Wireless Air 60 is a motion sensing console released by Kids Station Toys. It advertises itself as coming with 60 games built-in and requiring no setup other than plugging it into a TV.


The console itself resembles Microsoft's Kinect device that comes with the Xbox 360 S consoles. Like the Kinect, the Wireless Air 60 uses your body instead of a physical controller to play games.

The Wireless Air 60 is powered by four AAA batteries, and has composite stereo audio and video outputs.

It does contain 60 games as its name suggests, but all of them have equally poor control mechanics. The games are split into four categories: action, arcade, skill, and sports. The user plays the games by moving their body, which changes the color of the pixels on the TV screen. Some of the games are copies of others with different backgrounds. One of the games also crashes, the appropriately-named Crash Zone.

List of Games[]


  1. Tennis
  2. Boxing
  3. Ping Pong
  4. Goal Keeper
  5. Beach Volleyball
  6. Golf
  7. Baseball
  8. Skiing
  9. Kung Fu
  10. Air Hockey
  11. Beach Soccer
  12. Shot Clock
  13. Dodgeball
  14. Penalty Shot
  15. Curling
  16. Driving Range
  17. Bowling


  1. Horse Shoes
  2. Drum Master
  3. Number Balls
  4. Wipe Off
  5. Puzzle-slider Puzzle
  6. I Spy
  7. Waiter Please!
  8. Rope Dancer
  9. Making Burgers
  10. Slice And Dice
  11. Chop Chef
  12. Keep The Beat
  13. Darts
  14. Lawn Darts
  15. Bag Toss


  1. Sonic Fighter
  2. Mighty Rescuer
  3. Speed Rider
  4. Break The Ice
  5. Free Style
  6. Keep Away
  7. Cool Cycling
  8. Super Motocross
  9. Jet Ski Adventure
  10. Surfs Up!
  11. Crash Zone
  12. Shuffleboard
  13. Ancient Secret
  14. Juggling


  1. Don't Break The Eggs
  2. Drift
  3. Galaxy Ping Pong
  4. Fly Swatter
  5. Mole Mash
  6. Star Force
  7. Obstacle Race
  8. Jogging
  9. Falling Fruit
  10. Pinball Adventure
  11. Monkey Business
  12. UFO Defense
  13. Crocs On Parade
  14. Ocean Depths


  • The music for the main menu is "Stranger in Moscow" by the late Michael Jackson.