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The Wireless Hunting Video Game System, also known as Wireless, is a console made by JungleTac in 2011.


The console itself utilizes a gun for the controller and comes with twenty games. The gun relies on a motion sensor on the front of the gun's barrel, which then communicates with either the console or a sensor which you can stick to the TV. Because of this, the gun is "wireless" as its name suggests, and uses AA batteries held in a cartridge which stows in the back of the gun.


Here is the list of all the games included in the Wireless console:

  • Secret Mission
  • Predator
  • Delta Force
  • Toy Land
  • Dream Forest
  • Trophy Season
  • Freedom Force
  • Be Careful
  • Net Power
  • Open Training
  • Super Archer
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • UFO Shooting
  • Happy Darts
  • Balloon Shoot
  • Avatair (AvatAIR)
  • Angry Pirate
  • Penguin War
  • Ghost Shooter
  • Duck Hunt


  • The game Balloon Shoot features the logo of Nice Code Software on some of the balloons, which implies they developed the console's built-in games.
  • The Wireless is a copy of the Big Buck arcade game, with the exception of the latter performing better and being more refined and better designed.
  • The Wireless can be seen as the successor to the Wireless 60, also made by JungleTac.
  • A variant of this console exists, known as the Hamy Top Hunter.