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The Wow Wireless Gaming is a Wii clone manufactured by an unknown company. The games were developed by an unknown company. Most of the games on this console steal graphics from other games or are straight ports of others.


The system is a Wii Clone that comes with 2 controllers as well as 2 tennis rackets and a pair of boxing gloves. The console features 25 games. 5 Sport Games which use the motion controls and accessories, and 20 "Assorted Games" which are mostly clones of other games.


Sport Games[]

  1. PingPong - A standard Ping Pong game.
  2. Tennis - A Tennis game that uses a first-person perspective.
  3. Boxing - A Boxing game. Your fists are visible even though you can't directly control them.
  4. Badminton - A Badminton game that looks nearly identical to Tennis.
  5. Bowling - A standard Bowling game.

Mini Games[]

  1. Jigsaw - A Columns clone with graphics retained from the original. Though the game seems to be based upon Magic Jewelry.
  2. Inspect Presents - Clone of Kaboom on the Atari 2600 with a Chrismas theme, similar to Nice Code's Mad Xmas. Though you play as a penguin and a fairy throws things
  3. Precious Stone - A Tetris clone featuring a bigger playing field, some of the pieces are retained from the original. It also uses a strange rendition of the Tetris theme with different notes.
  4. Flash Ghost - A ball in a cup game, bizarrely featuring Master Higgins from Adventure Island (Though his sprite is stolen from New Adventure Island).
  5. Air Fire - A Space Invaders clone featuring prerendered graphics.
  6. Explosion - A Bomberman clone. The graphics are used from the Bomberman games on Sega Saturn. The hud is stolen from a TG16 Bomberman game and doesn't scroll with the camera. The music seems to be based on the power up theme from Bomberman.
  7. Memory - A memory game. Seems to use card designs based around Romance of the Three Kingdoms.
  8. Find Same Picture - A Pokemon themed Mahjong game using sprites from the GBA/DS games.
  9. Snake - Port of the original. One of the two games with a title screen.
  10. Mind Bender - A of Puzzle Bobble (aka Bust a Move in USA). The graphics are completely unchanged from the original. Plays a lot slower than the normal game.
  11. Rascal - A port of Araiguma Rascal (Super Famicom). Uses a rendition of the Castlevania theme. Even though the game is called Rascal, you can only play as Sterling. One of the two games with a title screen.
  12. Clear Store - A port of Arkanoid with the graphics are retained. Uses a different scoring system with one block equaling one point.
  13. Ware House - Clone of Boxy Boy for the PC Engine. Uses a character from Dragon Quest.
  14. Strong Builder - Clone of JungleTac's Dangerous Zone. Uses graphics from Squirrel King and Mr Driller 2.
  15. Rally - Clone of Road Fighter but is direct port of Speed Racing by Waixing, though lacks the intro.
  16. Running Horse - A generic horse riding game. Uses graphics from Back to the Future 3 (Sega Mega Drive). Doesn't seem to allow you to result in a Game Over.
  17. Firewar - A game where you shoot soldiers that come flying in from the top. Uses graphics from Metal Slug.
  18. Falcon - Clone of Tapper that uses prerendered models. Similar to Air Fire
  19. Fireplane - A game where you shoot down helicopters. Uses graphics from Metal Slug
  20. Flywar - A port of Solider Blade for the PC Engine. Graphics are unchanged.



  • The 20 in 1 Menu very fittingly uses art of the Mage from World of Warcraft. Which is sometimes known as WoW. Which humorously can give the console's name a whole new meaning.
  • Jigsaw uses Edwyn Collins: A Girl Like you from Charlie's Angels as it's main theme.
  • The 6 in 1 sport menu uses art stolen from Pucca
  • Rascal is misspelled as Raecal on the 20 in 1 menu.