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The X7 Plus is a bootleg handheld that looks like a cross between a PS Vita and a Nintendo Switch. There's also an only red variant as well. Since the controllers can’t be detached, it could considered a fake Nintendo Switch Lite. Another console called the X12 Plus was released with a different design and a misspelled select button. It has a camera and microphone with video recording capability, although low quality. It always resets the date to 12/31/2019 on media for some reason and can't go further. For the console itself, it's set to 1/1/2020.

List of games (X7 Plus)[]

Page 2[]

  • wof
  • sf2
  • The King of Fighters
  • Metal Slug
  • fatfury2
  • progear
  • Samurai
  • punisher
  • ffight
  • dino

Page 3[]

  • Games
  • GBA
  • 3D_Arcade Game
  • Battle City
  • Super Mario
  • captcomm
  • 3wonders
  • Contra
  • knights
  • Dragon Ball


An image taken with the X7 Plus.

An image taken with the X7 Plus.

The handheld takes pictures in 640x480 resolution, and records videos at 30fps. The microphone records at 256kbps.

Video taken with the X7 Plus


This device supports NES, SNES. GB, GBC, GBA, MD/Genesis, Sega Master System/Game Gear, and MAME. NES games run at higher pitched quality (maybe just Super Mario, which makes it more disappointing since it shows Super Mario Galaxy.) Playstation also works, although performance will vary a ton depending on the game.