X7 Plus


The X7 Plus is a bootleg handheld that looks like a cross between a PS Vita and a Nintendo Switch. Since the controllers can’t be detached, it could considered a fake Nintendo Switch Lite. Another console called the X12 Plus was released with a different design and a misspelled select button.

List of games (X7 Plus)

Page 2

  • wof
  • sf2
  • The King of Fighters
  • Metal Slug
  • fatfury2
  • progear
  • Samurai
  • punisher
  • ffight
  • dino

Page 3

  • Games
  • GBA
  • 3D_Arcade Game
  • Battle City
  • Super Mario
  • captcomm
  • 3wonders
  • Contra
  • knights
  • Dragon Ball
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