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This article is about the pirated Original Xbox games called XGAME games. For the game console, see X Game.

XGAME is a name used on pirated Original Xbox games. These games were seen in Eastern Europe and South America. Not much is known about these types of games.


The discs themselves are region-free, as seen on some game cases with 'NTSC/PAL' labels. They also feature an XBOX logo, showing that these bootlegs were distributed under different names in certain regions. Pirate game compilation discs, similar to their PlayStation 1 counterparts, can also be found, usually containing 2-3 games.

Certain games use pre-release or original box art, as evident by the Curious George game using box art with differently placed logos and Panzer Dragoon Orta using completely different art when compared to the official release. Game compilation releases simply use box art of the games featured, with an (Insert)-in-1 title graphic.